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Chris A. Raymond

UI/Visual Design UX Design

UI/Visual Design*Selected work with a focus on integration of content and design.

* Case studies of some of this work, and more, can be found here.
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UX Case Studies

Speak Agent Languages Web App

Improve the user interface of a web app to enhance usability for ESL teachers and flexibility for future features.

UX/UI design, microcopy. CASE STUDY →

I Am Ready Mobile App

Build a time and task management web app for teens with cognitive disabilities to successfully transition to the workplace.

UX/UI design, interaction design CASE STUDY →

Popular Romance Project Website

Redesign a website for responsiveness, optimize for search engines, and improve onsite and social media engagement.

UX/UI design, strategy, user research CASE STUDY →


About Me

The un-biography

I design from the content out believe that less is more sweat the details seek new knowledge ask why constantly and listen closely.

Personal Info

  • Live in Falls Church, VA
  • Active in the local UX community (NOVA-UX) and in online creative communities, including #The100DayProject.

Career Summary

My professional career has focused on communication: In a science museum, as a journalist and editor, as a graphic and web designer, and currently, a UX designer. Organizations that I have had the pleasure of working with — as a staff or freelance designer, writer, or both — include: AARP, American Chemical Society, American Society of Interior Designers, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Cornell University Press, Crabtree + Company, Discover, Georgetown University Press, Health, Meadows Design Office, National Air and Space Museum, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Speak Agent, Inc., and Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive.


Chris A. Raymond

I am currently employed full-time as a UX designer. However, I am open to inquiries for freelance graphic design projects designing logos, posters, and book jackets.

* I also am happy to share a more detailed portfolio of work based on your interests. Contact me at chris via designtank.us.