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Chris Anne Raymond

Designer Writer Strategist

Design Portfolio* Selected work with a focus on integration of content and design.

* Case studies of some of this work, and more, can be found here.
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UX Case Studies

Speak Agent
Web App

Improve the user interface and IA of a web app to enhance usability for ESL teachers and flexibility for future features.

UX/UI design, microcopy writing. CASE STUDY →

I Am Ready
Mobile App

Build a time and task management web app for teens with cognitive disabilities to smooth their transition to the workplace.

UX/UI design, interaction design CASE STUDY →

Popular Romance Project Website

Redesign a website for responsiveness, optimize for search engines, and improve onsite and social media engagement.

UX/UI design, content strategy, user research CASE STUDY →


About Me

The un-biography

Chris devises clever design solutions designs from the content out declines to show a photo of a wall of sticky notes celebrates happy type marriages respects white space believes that less is more sweats the details takes the initiative relishes integrating words and images seeks new knowledge asks why constantly listens closely ponders ideas covets additions to her collection of wind-up toys enjoys suspense novels and Chicago-style pizza thinks deeply and laughs heartily—often at herself.

Career Summary

My professional career has focused on communication: In a science museum, as a journalist and editor, as a graphic and web designer, and currently, a UX designer. Organizations that I have had the pleasure of working with — as a staff or freelance designer, writer, or both — include: AARP, American Chemical Society, American Society of Interior Designers, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Cornell University Press, Crabtree + Company, Discover, Georgetown University Press, Health, Meadows Design Office, National Air and Space Museum, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Speak Agent, Inc., and Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive.

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Chris Anne Raymond

I am currently employed full-time as a UX designer. However, I am open to inquiries for freelance graphic design projects designing logos, posters, and book jackets.

* I also am happy to share a more detailed portfolio of work based on your interests. Contact me at chrisaraymond via gmail.

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